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Energy Consumption Criteria Inspection

The need to determine the Energy Consumption Criteria:

Due to dramatic increase in energy costs in the world on the one hand and the limitation of fossil fuels and the high annual growth of energy consumption in Iran and the elimination of related subsidies in most industries on the other hand, today energy consumption management and energy efficiency increase has become inevitable. For this reason, the monitoring and energy consumption management in each industry needs its own appropriate criteria and indexes. Therefore, according to the Law on “Modification of the Energy Consumption Model”, the Iranian National Standards Organization has developed and enforced relevant energy consumption standards. So that all consumers, manufacturers, and importers of energy-based equipment set up their systems based on criteria and technical specifications in accordance with developed standards.

Certification Issuance of Energy Consumption Criteria:
In accordance with the observation of energy consumption criteria standards, the Iranian National Standards Organization shall annually inspect and determine the energy consumption criteria of the industries covered (list of industries covered) to the accredited inspection companies. Accordingly, Bekhrad Inspection Company, as one of the companies licensed by the National Accreditation center of Iran, is required to monitor and ensure compliance with the requirements of energy consumption criteria in coordination with the manufacturer (industry covered) to be inspected and reported annually to the Iranian National Standards Organization to issue the certificate of standardization for the manufacturer if the inspection report complies with the standard requirements.

  Certification Process of Energy Consumption Criteria:
  1. Receiving initial documentations from manufacturer
  2. Review of documents and inspection contract
  3. Initial visit from the production unit includes:
    – Receiving copy of the electricity, gas and liquid fuel bills for the year under review
    – Inserting information about production processes in the factory
    – Recording the number and types of product lines
    – Recording the annually production per month
    – Determination of the main and secondary sources of energy consumption
    – Visiting active product lines
    – Checking the installation points of the meters
    – Checking the calibration of the meters
    – Determination of specific and effective cases in the amount of energy consumption
  4. Secondary visit (if necessary)
  5. Completion of the required documents and inquiries from the relevant authorities
  6. Summarizing and analyzing information
  7. Receiving approval and commitment from the industrial unit based on the accuracy and verification of the documents
  8. Compilation of report for submission to The Iranian National Standards Organization
Bekhrad Inspection Company Licenses in the field of Energy Inspection:

Bekhrad Inspection Company’s scope of services in the field of Energy Consumption Criteria Inspection is based on the certification issued by the National Accreditation Center of Iran and in accordance with the developed standards in 12 energy-used industries as follows:
  1. Types of Diary Production Unit subject to standard 11956 (mandatory)
  2. Types of Canning Production Unit subject to standard 16747 (mandatory)
  3. Types of Fruit juice and concentrate Production Unit subject to Standard 16748 (mandatory)
  4. Types of Factory Sugar Production Unit subject to standard 8668 (mandatory)
  5. Types of Building Bricks Production Unit subject to standard 7965 (mandatory)
  6. Types of Ceramic Tile Production Unit subject to standard 9649 (mandatory)
  7. Types of Lubricating Oil and Used Oil Refining Production Unit subject to standard 11593 (mandatory)
  8. Types of Wood-based Panels Production Unit subject to Standard 9651 (mandatory)
  9. Types of Poultry Plant Production Unit subject to Standard 19582 (optional)
  10. Types of Commercial Greenhouse subject to Standard 14300 (optional)
  11. Types of Residential Building subject to Standard 14253 (Optional)
  12. Types of Non-Residential Building subject to Standard 14254 (optional)