Obtaining the license of the standard partner training center

Bakhrad International Inspection Services Company is proud to announce that from now on as a partner training center of Iran’s National Standards Organization, it serves the esteemed learners in 23 domains as follows, and to the participants in the training courses, an official certificate approved by Iran’s National Standards Organization. Grants:

  1. Cargo inspection
  2. Petroleum equipment and products
  3. chemical industry
  4. Polymer industries
  5. metallurgy
  6. the mechanic
  7. Electricity and electronics
  8. Car and engine
  9. Metrology of weights and scales
  10. Biomedical Engineering
  11. Food industry and agricultural products
  12. Fertilizers and poisons
  13. Wood and cellular wood products and paper
  14. Clothing and textile products and fibers
  15. Energy
  16. the environment
  17. Compilation of standards
  18. Management system
  19. Services
  20. Transportation
  21. packing
  22. Safety of children’s entertainment and educational aids
  23. Sports and sports equipment

Address of the educational center: Shariati St., above Mirdamad, in front of Shariati Metro, Zarin Alley, No. 35, Mina Tower, 10th floor, Unit 5

Education center phone number: 021-22894345

E-mail of the educational center: info@bekhrad.com