Inspection of hydraulic elevators

In recent years, the construction of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers has increased rapidly, and we see the expansion of high-rise buildings in most cities of the world. However, access to the upper floors will not be possible without an elevator, and basically the construction of such a building and towers are meaningless.

We rarely think about whether the elevator in a residential block is safe or whether the escalator in a shopping mall is working properly. We take it for granted that our living and working environment is safe and there is little risk of accidents. Safety requires regular maintenance according to the manufacturer’s instructions and annual inspections should be performed. Inspection is more than compliance with rules and regulations. In the elevator industry, significant measures have been taken to increase speed and reduce energy consumption in the world.

Inspections provide significant information that can be used to ensure safety and extend the life of an elevator or escalator. These results provide warnings about problems you may encounter in the future to save on costs. Avoid excessive repairs and breakdowns.

Elevator safety starts with purchasing an elevator that has been third-party tested and certified to meet industry design, construction, and performance standards, but it doesn’t end there. The elevator must also be properly installed, maintained and inspected, and all operators must be trained on how to use it. An inseparable and important part of elevator and escalator inspection is its safety and the use of various techniques and equipment to ensure the safety of users. Maintenance personnel and people who pass near the elevator.

An annual elevator inspection gives you peace of mind that an expert has certified that the elevator you or your technicians are working on meets all required inspection points, has been reasonably and safely maintained, and documents Support provided by the elevator manufacturer is available. . They also help protect against potential workplace safety violations and fines. This is why a thorough pre-use elevator inspection and periodic inspection is essential.

Bekhrad International Inspection Services (B.I.S) is ready to provide all kinds of services in Tehran, Alborz, Qom, Qazvin, Markazi and Semnan provinces with a certificate of technical inspection qualification from the Iranian Standard and Industrial Research Institute (ISIRI). It also grants relevant licenses in the shortest possible time.

The elevator and escalator inspection services covered by Bekhard International Inspection Services (B.I.S) are as follows:

Inspection of passenger elevators, goods and services.

2. Inspection of electric and high-speed elevators.

Inspection of elevators without machines (without rooms)
Inspection of advanced elevators with VVVF control switch board and gearless drive
Inspection of the elevator with different positions of the machine room
Inspection of observation elevators
Inspection of elevators at all stages
Periodic inspection of the elevator
Escalator and passenger conveyor inspection
Study and consultation in connection with elevator design and calculations