Semi-commercial electric staircase

Today, the use of escalators and moving sidewalks in public centers such as subway and train stations, airports, pedestrian bridges, hospitals and commercial centers is increasing. The purpose of installing these equipments is to facilitate the movement of people or people with loads, but their use is not always without risk. With a quick look at the state of escalators and moving sidewalks in the country and in different parts of the world, reported incidents and numerous financial and life losses and their analysis, the importance of checking after the end of the installation operation and before operating the device, the service And proper maintenance and periodic inspections have been given more attention. Accidents happen in different parts of the world, which can be prevented by timely inspection and safety of the devices and bring security and peace to the users.


Amir Ebadi
Manager of elevator and escalator inspection unit
Phone: 021-22894321 extension 111
Fax: 021-22894364