Ship and marine inspections

Bakhrad International Inspection Services carries out a wide range of marine inspections at the request of clients including exporters, shippers, ship owners, ship charterers, marine service companies, insurance companies and P&I clubs. Marine inspections are performed by


experienced personnel with a maritime background. Ship and marine inspections include:


  • DRAFT SURVEY: measuring the weight of the goods on the ship
  • ULLAGE SURVEY: measuring the weight of oily goods on the ship
  • DAMAGE SURVEY: Inspection of damaged goods on the ship or during loading or unloading of goods.
  • CONDITION SURVEY: checking the condition of the ship in terms of the cleanliness of the ship’s warehouses and tanks for loading and checking the general condition of the ship
  • Status of the ship at the beginning and end of the lease (ON/OFF HIRE): Measurement of the ship’s fuel at the beginning and end of the lease

Behnam Zarfian
Director of destination/domestic/export inspections
Phone: 021-22894345 extension 149
Fax: 021-22894340