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Terms and Condition

TERMS & CONDITIONS OF INSPECTION FOR OIL AND PETROCHEMICALS Bekhrad International Inspection Services is referred hereafter as BIS.

1. Inspection services are planned and carried out on the basis of the client’s written order received via Letter, Email or Fax.When an order is received verbally or the client’s order lacks sufficient details, BIS will use its discretion as to the scope of the inspection required in accordance with the industry custom and practice.Furthermore, any extra/unroutine requirement shall be advised by the client in writing.

2. The test items ordered by the client are preferably performed in the ISIRI accredited laboratories.In the event of non-availability of accredited lab in the subject area and the client’s requirement for quick results, any available lab will be used.

3. The responsibility for the accuracy of the test results rests with the lab and BIS will bear no liability in this regard, whether or not BIS inspector witness the tests.

4. BIS responsibility is limited to comparing the test results with the specifications provided and pass them on to the client.The decision as to repeating the sampling and tests is exclusively the client’s responsibility.

5. BIS expressly advises that it is neither an insurer nor guarantor of the quality or quantity of any inspected or analyzed product and disclaims any liability in such capacity.

6. With regard to density test, whose result is used for cargo weight determination, BIS issues test report only if the testing lab has issued the relevant certificate.

7. BIS is obliged to deal with the information pertaining to the inspected cargo as confidential and further undertakes not to disclose the said info to any other party without prior permission from the client.

8. BIS undertakes to perform the inspection with due care and skill while limits its exposure to any loss or damage sustained by the client as the result of proved BIS negligence to ten times the inspection fee received or the maximum amount of EUR 20,000 whichever is less.

10. While road tankers hatches are inspected (on client’s order) with utmost care and skill, but the inspection is limited to visually checking the valves and hatches from outside and where visually accessible. Considering inaccessible spaces like corners of the hatches & pipes, no responsibility is borne by BIS in the event of contamination.Furthermore, the sampling & test of the cargo loaded into the road tankeris performed on client’s order only if the road tanker has not left the custom area.

11. The calculation of cargo inside the ship or shore tanks is done on the basis Of the calibration tables provided by ship or shore representative and the responsibility for the accuracy of the data in the calibration tables rests fully with the ship or shore representative.

12. Sampling is done by trained inspectors based on recognized standards and using appropriate instrument. BIS does not accept any responsibility for the qualitative deviation in the test results that may have occurred due to but not limited to the reasons like: operational mistakes in transfer of the cargo, receiving of cargo after sampling, line content, valves, etc.

13. BIS is obliged to provide the inspectors with safety training and client has the obligation to ensure that the inspection locations are safe.Furthermore, Client is required to inform BIS of any unsafe parameter withregard to the inspections ordered by them in advance.

14. Client has the obligation to settle the invoices issued by BIS not later than 15 days after issuance.

15. BIS undertakes to retain the copy of the inspection reports and the relevant documents for 2 years, unless otherwise ordered by the client for special cases.