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Consumer Products

Bekhrad International Inspection Services (B.I.S) provides a full range of inspections on Consumer products, equipment and spare parts in countries of origin, countries of transit and Iranian Territories.

BIS inspection in this field covers:

1. Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI): This inspection is carried out when the total consignment is available, in seller’s or manufacturer’s ware House before patching and ready for shipment.Such inspection is performed randomly and also called Final Random Inspection.

2. Laboratory Testing: Samples of materials, components and finished products are tested at manufacturer’s lab or accredited/third party laboratories in accordance with applicable international standards.

3. In-Process Inspection: This kind of inspection comprises a series of random inspections which are carried out during manufacturing process of products as per instructions of our clients.

4. Container Stuffing / Loading Supervision: In this kind of inspection, our inspectors are in attendance while the consignment is being stuffed into containers or loaded onto the vessel or truck.

5. Destination Inspection: This inspection is usually launched as per request received by bank or standard organization branches located in customs complexes.

6. Domestic Inspection: This inspection is usually conducted as per bank request and in accordance with the requirements of domestic letter of credits.

7. Conformity Assessment Inspection: This is a combination of pre-shipment inspection and laboratory testing in which the samples are taken during inspection and tested for conformity with the requirements of international/national standards accepted by Iranian authorities for importation/exportation of products. Test results are examined by experts in Verification of Conformity (VOC)/Technical Department prior to the final approval.

8. Price Verification: This is often a requirement by the financier banks which is fulfilled by our experts in this field. The prices mentioned in purchasing docs should be compared with world market price.

Consumer Products